Sunset on the Marsh Step 4

Here is the finished painting!  If you missed steps 1-3, be sure to visit White Birch Fine Art Facebook page or my website for the other 3 steps.

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Sunset on the Marsh Step 3

Step 3: Using what I call a soft fluffy brush (yes, highly technical term) I begin working on moving the paint gently around in a circular motion to blend the colors.  FYI some of the best fluffy brushes are made with goat hair.

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Sunset on the Marsh Step 2

Ok, I know you've been on the edge of your seat for the second step so here it is! Step two; By now, the board is pretty slippery with pigment so I'm having fun moving the paint around with the palette knife. I begin to add lighter, secondary or subordinate clouds which will play a supporting role to the painting. The dark clouds previously laid in are the more dominant ones but only one can be dominate. Which one will it be? Stay tuned...

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Sunset on the Marsh Step 1

Four steps to paint a sunset. Step 1.: I used a palette knife to lay the paint onto my painting surface which is an 8"x8" wood panel which I do prefer over stretched canvas. Starting with lightest to darkest (background to foreground) place just enough colors to suggest the sky pattern, keeping it in a very loose structure at this point. This also ensures I have plenty of paint to move around in the next steps....

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Bermuda Sunset

Sunsets seem to be heavy on my mind these days.  They are filled with color, pattern and contrast especially when there are clouds present.  I'm working on a new series of 8"x8" skys in sunset and moonscape.  I'll start posting them as soon as they are dry.  I think you're going to like them.

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